Independent book publishing has revolutionized the literary world, offering authors unparalleled control over their work. This empowerment comes through various digital platforms, each offering unique services and benefits. We will deal with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) in the next post. In this particular post we’re going to do a brief overview of three other Major Independent Publishing Platforms available to the Independent (Indie Author) today.

We’ll explore the following three major platforms – Draft2Digital, IngramSpark, and Kobo Writing Life – and highlight their differences to help you choose the right one for your particular publishing journey.


Draft2Digital stands out for its user-friendly interface and broad distribution network. Authors can upload their manuscripts and convert them into various eBook formats for free.

A major highlight is the Universal Book Links provided by Draft2Digital, allowing authors to promote their books with a single link. Their service, Books2Read, enhances discoverability across different retailers.

Another advantage is the automated end-matter, which updates your book catalog in all your eBooks. However, it’s important to note that Draft2Digital takes a small percentage of net royalties.


IngramSpark caters well to authors seeking a wide physical and digital distribution. Unlike Draft2Digital, IngramSpark charges for uploading titles and revisions, but it offers access to one of the largest distribution networks, reaching online retailers and physical bookstores.

Its print-on-demand service is ideal for authors wanting to publish hardcover books without a large upfront investment. The quality of printed books is notably high, and it includes options for library distribution.

IngramSpark is particularly beneficial for authors aiming for a presence in physical bookstores and libraries.

Kobo Writing Life

Kobo Writing Life offers direct access to the Kobo eBookstore, which holds a significant market share in Canada, Japan, and Europe. Authors maintain control over pricing and can access promotional opportunities within the Kobo network.

A standout feature is the Kobo Plus subscription service, an eBook subscription model that can increase an author’s reach. Kobo’s platform is more streamlined compared to IngramSpark and is particularly advantageous for authors targeting an international audience.

Comparison and Conclusion

When comparing these platforms, consider your distribution goals, budget, and desired book formats.

  • Draft2Digital excels in eBook distribution and ease of use,
  • IngramSpark is the go-to for wide physical distribution and quality print options, and
  • Kobo Writing Life is ideal for reaching international eBook markets.

Your choice will depend on your specific needs as an author. Remember, you can use more than one platform to maximize your book’s reach.

Drop a comment and let me know what your choice for independent publishing is, and why. I would love to hear more about this Independent Book Publishing – making a choice